Saturday, March 21, 2009

tiny showcase

this was the first time I got a print- the guide by Jesse Lefkowitz- from tinyshowcase
also I'm a big fan from Leah Giberson
her work would look great in my house
do you buy art online??


polkadots said...

We bought some prints for the livingroom online. And I love internet auctions!

Leah Giberson said...

Thanks, Kay!
and I'd like to say that your house would look great in my work!

Leah Giberson said...

I am of course ALWAYS a fan of tiny showcase (and 20x200) for amazing and affordable prints.

But I also love getting original artwork when possible. I recently bought an original collage by Stephanie Levy, who's in the Enormous Tiny Art show with me. With this terrible economy, sales have been slower than usual, so there are TONS of small original art treasures available from for $35 - $500.

habitual said...

Kay! Leah's work is lovely- thanks for the link!