Saturday, August 6, 2011

oh Berlin

We are home...

The last years I've been a lazy traveler (not leaving my comfort zone) only going to places I
love or going home to see family& friends in the UK.
Berlin was good , guess I can say more then good. I'm one of those people who can fall in love with a city.
Berlin did its best to test me... and it did well!

Love the people
the small cafes (most of them have cute names and have lanterns outside, which looks so cozy)
and the food is good and cheap.  

The city is full of balconies, now I want one too, lol

And what did  Mister Kay like most? Prenzlauer Berg with all its small  (vintage) shops.
You can rent a nice appartment from

enjoy your weekend

ps: I had coffee with the lovely Kristina (sure we will meet again).


Die kleine Werkstatt said...

Wonderful cafe on your first photo. Next time we go to Hamburg or Berlin. Make a nice weekend there.
Or Amsterdam :-)?

Send you hugs,

Roboti und da Höm said...

You can have my balcony and I'll take your garden :-)

Merle mit Gisbert und Hannelore said...


hope to get at october to amsterdam again!
I'll buy a lot of waechtersbach in the meantime for you ;) any favourit pattern?
Did you enjoy the plastic world?

Darja Charapova said...

How nice that your holiday was great! I love Berlin, it's a city with magical energy, when i look at your pictures i want to go and visit berlin immidiatly ( in reality i have to wait, but in my imagination i'm already there ) :)
Thank's for the links of the rent appartments! did you stay in one of them?
Groetjes , Darja

Knoopjes said...

Berlin is still on our list for a long romatic weekend for just the 2of us! Thanks for the appartment-tip!

Isabelle said...

I hope to visit Berlin soon ... hopefully next spring. It is our last day in France we will fly back to Warsaw tomorrow ...

23qm Stil said...

Berlin, Berlin - like your post, very interessting to see Prenzlberg with your eyes :-)! Hope we meet sometimes... in Cologne, Amsterdam or Berlin?

Kristina said...

isnt berlin great? my most favorite german city!! loving the vintage stores, flea markets, bars and cafés as well :) especially in the summer!!
happy weekend!