Friday, August 12, 2011

coming home

sometimes when you are coming home  from a nice  holiday....
there is so much to do ...starting with cleaning the house , washing..mails  and..and ..and..

and there goes that nice holiday feeling ,which I wanted to treasure for couple of weeks,lol

No Bon Iver today , little monster  is  having a pyjama day  with  Hausmusik( nice german word)

enjoy your weekend

ps: my little Me( I need ,I love ,I want)- list on etsy


elbmari said...

Know what you mean... Havent lost my summerfeeling yet altought school started again and its raining terrible!! Liebe Grüße

Die kleine Werkstatt said...

Take a seat, drink a glass of good wine ... and do the work another day! It works :-)!

Wish you a little longer good holiday feelings, hugs,

Nonna said...

I know the feeling! I have had it several times this summer. Die kleine Werkstatt has good advice! =)

Merle mit Gisbert und Hannelore said...

take a look at all your new vintage treasures and you get that feeling back ;)

Verrassend Goed! said...

Hi Kay, Nice your back home.
Just relax and take the days how they come.
Before you know its working time, so have your pyamadays and relax.
love Marianne

teri said...

i call that feeling post vacation depression!