Thursday, August 25, 2011

some days

Some days are... easy days, happy days, golden days, colorful days. We need days like this, they give us lots of energy.

You can find the big golden turtle in Amsterdam Zuid. It's a sculpture of Jan Fabre called  ‘Searching for Utopia’.

this week

- I feel like buying socks... have a look at the Tabio Slide Show
- the new cd from Feist will be out sooooooon
- for my autumn deco I want lots of  japanese paper balloons from Uguisu


Knoopjes said...

We have some Japanese paperballoons in the boys bedrooms!
Wonderful tips again!

ps. thank you for the sweet card -->

holunder said...

every day should be a happy day !

those ballons are great, thanks for sharing. i think i need to order a couple of them :)

Die kleine Werkstatt said...

I love the golden turtle and for which idea it is!


Roboti und da Höm said...

Wish every day was one of these!

Mette said...

I hope my day will be like one of these.

Lovely socks! Enjoy your weekend.

Pfefferminza said...

The turtle is crazy, really cool!!! And jap, we do need these days!!! By the way, I love your "small heaven" photos and I guess it´s a perfect surroundig for happy perfect days...! =)

Alexandra K. said...

Japanese paper baloons are awesome! HAppy weekend =)

Nalle said...

Have a happy & sunny weekend.
-love lollypops etc, thank you Kay!

mano said...

I think, the artzuid is great - I love the sculpture of jan fabre very much! I wish you many of these wonderful days!

Eartha Kitsch said...

Oh my gosh, that turtle is amazing!