Saturday, August 20, 2011

Plastic World

Plastic Fantasic.

If orange is your fav color or if you love plastic there is still time to go to Kiel to see 'Plastic World' in the Stadtmuseum. The exhibition is on till the 11th of September.

They have a geat exhibition poster too. Maybe stupid of me not to buy it but I bought the book instead.

Our music this week:
- Oumou Sangare
- I love the  Nigel Slater ( the tender cook) interview
- I love when Mister kay reads me the newspaper to me at  the breakfast table

enjoy your weekend



Die kleine Werkstatt said...

Sounds interesting - but Kiel is to far away ... in the moment. So much to do here this time!

Warm regards to you,

Amy said...

Enjoy your weekend too! Love that record player!

Unknown said...

Enjoy those moments at the morning....newspaper, breakfast...

Herr Janosch said...

I would have bought the book instead, too ;-)