Thursday, October 27, 2011

Bells Bicyles

Meggs store Bells Bicycles in Hastings is different.
It is very pretty, full of vintage, cool chandeliere, carpet and art
(that sounds more like my home than like a bicyle store, lol)

I have been looking for a new bicycle for a while now...
guess I would love a 70's chopper.

Our music at the moment is the new cd 
Metals from Feist (Nila's fav)
and  the new one from Bon Iver (my fav).

see you


Fru Sommer said...

Love the bicykles - and bon hiver as well. Im so happy for my dutch bike and i miss driving in your lovely bike friendly city ;)

holunder said...

what a great shop !! the chopper is a top choice, go for it :)

Alexandra K. said...

this shop looks so eyecatching!! i think you just cant pass by without checking it. the yellow bke is WOW!!!

kati said...

Oh, please that yellow bike for me!

Isa said...

Oh my, I want a bike from here! That yellow one, if possible!

emily fay said...

Hello, and thanks for your dear comment,
you also have a very nice Blog page;)
The fly agaric lamps are from a property market

Greeting Marion

Marcela said...