Friday, October 14, 2011

fancy a cuppa

weekend & autumn holidays ..that sounds good to me!!
I will have a little break eating fish & chips at the seaside
but before I go , I would love to now :

a. your fav cd (music) in the moment?
b. what are you reading ( book & mag)??
c. what do you do in your spare time (10 minutes of Me time) ???  

see you very soon


Knoopjes said...

a. Adele 21
b. Bittere bloemen & VTWonen
c. hook or knit whatever needle I have in my hand

Have a wonderful weekend!

Eliane Zimmermann said...

a. just anything calm on my i-pod
b. i just finished 'the help' (great) and 'the distant hours' (not too bad) and still don't know which book will be next so i am perfectly with the new issue of country living (u.k.)
c. reading and looking for inspiration on interior design blogs as we are going to rent a house right at the sea for our walking business guests (8 rooms to renovate plus living room, bathrooms and kitchen and an abandoned lovely secret garden to conquer)
cheers from southwest ireland, eliane

Arctic Mum said...

Listening to Ane Brun: You HAVE to look up her new album!! A taste:

10 minutes spare time: Today I sowed my first pillow with vintage fabric. I'll send you one.

Traci Hendrix Hart said...

I am enjoying Eva Cassidy...all of it! I have a playlist on Pandora of that and Nickel Creek...this time of year seems to call for acoustic music, with an occasional fiddle thrown in!
I'm reading Jen Lancaster...laugh out loud, escapist humor. I'm the only woman in this household of three fellas (and five dogs), so I grasp on to wicked womanly wisdom where I can!
In my free time, with free hands...I'm dismantling old jewlery -- earrings, necklaces, like that -- and creating "things" out of the parts, lately by stringing beads onto horsehair, since our horses have so much, in such interesting colorways (it's quite strong!!!) The sparklier, more colorful, and good for nothing more than a happy glimpse, the better!!!

Valloittava valkoinen said...

a.Ane Brun One Last Try
b.interior magazine Deco
c.browse through beautiful blogs

Have a wonderful day!

Nalle said...

a. Adele
b. interior magazines
c. take a nap

Die kleine Werkstatt said...

Diese alten Bücher erinnern mich an meine Kindheit: da hatten meine Großeltern einen Laden für Zeitschriften, Lotto & Co. Und die hintere Wand war mit Leihbüchern bestückt - und es gab auch die von Dir gezeigten Bücher!

Danke für eine Zeitreise!

Emil und die großen Schwestern said...

vintage book covers... i love these illustrations! wonderful autumn days, éva

lindylou said...

a. Dolly Parton - Better Day
b. Rosamunde Pilcher -Day of the Storm
c. Crocheting colourful Granny squares.

Trula said...

My fav CD at the moment is Tiny Mirrors by Sandro Perri
I am reading Max Gold - Quiet Quality and ten minutes of me time today have been used to look at your blog :)

JOHANNA said...

Thank you for your comment at my blog today, it makes me sooo happy each and every time!

I love your blog! So much inspiration. The bikeshop looks fantastic!

a. I will never stop loving Melissa Horn's "Långa nätter".. I also love Bo Iver and a new find: French Zaz..
b. Today I'm reading the new Rodeo-issue, it's magic!
c. In my spare time I go through a couple of inspirational blogs on the internet ;)

Have a fab weekend.