Tuesday, May 15, 2012

dentist and co

 De Mooiste Muren (wallpaper heaven)
my music this week: The Velvet Underground

My week started with an emergency trip to the dentist on Monday morning... Lucky I feel a lot better today.

Last weekend we found some nice vintage, will take some photos the next couple of days. Have been busy in the house and thinking of painting my living room walls.

see you

PS: love this: The Starter (I want some)


Iris Vank said...

Sore teerh are dreadful! Hope you feel all better soon!

Sandra Monat said...

Kay, I hope you feel much better now.
The bread video is so wonderful and inspiring. Thank you for sharing! It reminds me of a popular cake in the 80ies, called Hermann. Do you know it? It was made from a sour dough starter and like a "chain-letter" parts of the dough were given on to friends.

ibb said...

Hope you feel better.
I have tried to do bread at home and it is a great sensation...but now I have no time and...we should learn to enjoy live more slowly

Die kleine Werkstatt said...

Zahnschmerzen sind mit die schlimmsten Schmerzen. Wie schön, dass es Dir besser geht!
Ich habe auch Veränderungen in unserer Wohnung vor ... aber mein Mann weiß noch nichts davon :-).


Mars said...

That's weird, I just looked at that wallpaper-book at the store :)
Hope you feel better now!

Nalle said...

Beautiful wallpaper, wish I had more walls!
Outdoor fleamarket season starts here on Sunday. Suddenly it's warm again!

Frau Pabst said...

Good to hear you´re better, reminds me of an overdue visit to my dentist...
Your beautiful photos make me feel like living in the photographic diaspora with my pocket cam, hrmpf!

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