Wednesday, May 30, 2012

secret restaurant

 A couple of days ago I went to have dinner at a very special place.
Three nights a week Marit turns her living room in Amsterdam into a restaurant.

We had an amazing three-course vegetarian dinner. Marits house is pure vintage heaven. She has a great taste and you leave her home full of new decorations ideas.

I will be back there soon and if you are in Amsterdam, that's the place to have dinner this summer. But make sure you call or mail before you go there because it is reservation only.

see you

PS: The Cure at Pinkpop


andrella said...

Hej Kay,
this restaurant is so nice! I am very happy about your present, the magazine is great! Thank you!!!
hugs from andrella

Blauwe Druijffjes said...

I think I saw the restaurant in a magazine some time ago... looks really nice!

Fräulein Text said...

great kay! i think this will be the reason to come back to amsterdam ;)

Anonymous said...

Oh - this is fantastic! And Amsterdam is definitely on my list. Maybe in autumn this year or in spring 2013.

Christina said...

very nice idea.
your pictures are wonderful. :)

mano said...

great idea, beautiful place!

found and sewn said...

Wow! that sounds amazing, what a lovely treat x

Die kleine Werkstatt said...

It looks and sounds wonderful!

Sun for you,

.tonBouton. said...

Sounds like a great plan! And, oh, the cure, I think I still know all their songs by heart :)

la casita said...

Very nice!

Die Raumfee said...

Looks like a wonderful place to be. Like eating with friends. Up to now, I knew this only from Kuba.
I have to go to Amsterdam again, I guess.

Greets, Katja

Melissa & Kerryanne said...

That looks amazing! Thanks for posting.

Melissa & Kerryanne said...

That looks amazing! Thanks for posting!