Wednesday, July 11, 2012

lazy traveller

After reading  Mihaeko's blog Starling Brood  this morning, I realize  how much I miss New York City. I know that  I started to be a lazy and less adventurous  traveller. Guess I'm lucky that my family in the States loves to travel!

How will you spend your summer??
City, beach, mountains, ... or at home??

see you,

PS: what are you reading? (need some new books)


Frau Pabst said...

this year´s summer vacation is a little bit of erything: last weekend Pearl Jam in Berlin, this weekend ship spotting in Hamburg / next weekend visiting an old friend in his new house / maybe a trip to the Bodensee and Zürich the weekend after, and last but not least 1 week kid´s holidays in Lemmer, Holland.

wohnraumformer said...

clarify colours...

Have you seen my "Graziela Sandmann material" from ~1970 yesterday?

Greetings Corana

Kaylovesvintage said...

@Frau Papst
that sound really good and joy your holidays


very pretty , never seen it before

mano said...

beautiful combination! lilac daisy, green melitta, white hortensia...
the rest of summer I'll stay in my garden, have a short trip to hamburg and perhaps to berlin. and to kassel: documenta 13!
dir und deiner familie wünsche ich einen wundervollen sommer!

Lisa Kjellerød said...

We are renting a farmhouse in Denmark which we found on the wonderful AirBnB for a week, then we shall have a few days at our little cottage followed by 4 days in Helsinki. Can't wait to escape Norway for a while!
I just read the much talked about "fifty shades of Grey" which was horribly written but a good,trashy summer read! Have a great summer!

Die Raumfee said...

What a wonderful colour-collection on your side table. Perfect.

I think, I will have to stay at home because of my empty purse this summer. Perhaps, I could travel around a bit in Bavaria spontaneously... we will see.


Georgia said...

We're having a little Winter holiday to the beach in Queensland, where I hope to get lot of reading done. I'm partway through 'Wool' which is pretty amazing so far.

Nalle said...

I'm taking just a few short trips to nearby cities like Kuopio. At the end of July I'll go to Tampere to see my godchild. One week and I'm going back to work again. Have a wonderful holiday, Kay!

Jo said...

I recently read that book, is it about the midwife in East London? Nice arrangement.

makey vicky said...

I'm loving the biography of Somerset Maugham by Selina Hastings. "The Secret Lives of Somerset Maugham"... can't put it down! Have fun on your travels! x