Friday, August 28, 2009


guess we all know Miffy (Miffy is a small female
rabbit drawn by Dick Bruna) Her original dutch name is Nijntje

Today we went to the Dick Bruna house and I tell you I did have fun

Dick Bruna did much more than just Miffy. I personally love his designs for the Havank books.

-long summer , let's go to France...I don't speak french and I never go to France but there are some great french blogs Cabri Ole , la lune dans le ciel and Lou&Tom
guess I should make plans to go back to France one day

enjoy your weekend


Unknown said...

Lovely prints.
I love to be back.

Francesca said...

I like the bright colors, and the crisp designs. We have "Miffy in the tent": my boys never took to it, my daughter loves it!

jane said...

hey you! i´ve had so much fun catching up with your blog! your images are fab! sending you a big hug! p.s. i´ve lost all my photos so i´ll NEED to go back to amsterdam to take more. coffee?

gardenmama said...

looks wonderful Kay!
I recognize these illustrations from the books you collect, you must have had an incredible time!
Enjoy the rest of your weekend : )

Anonymous said...

Lovely print and so "joyeux". hey, I will be happy to meat you here, in France dear Kay !

basiclabelSweden said...

Love Nijntje, blijft leuk!

Mooie impressie :)

malo said...

I love the colors and illustrations. I only knew the rabbit from before.

shayndel said...

I 'met' Miffy here in Japan!!
I love this whole page of posts, so many intriguing and inspiring moments to peruse.