Thursday, October 8, 2009


I did have a little walk in Leiden

some of the windows are so beautiful

I'm not sure what I like more

curtains of no curtains

any plans for the weekend?
- I'm addict to audiobooks ( for years now)
- did enjoy Emma last Sunday
- I wonder if there is snow in Finland? , love puhti


Line said...

I love windows too I always wonderful what's behind, love these shots!!

Rhea Butler said...

What a great neighborhood!

I love windows, too..

and doors, and steps, and small city gardens!

(I especially love those lacy curtains).

Have a great day!



Tania said...

Dutch windows were always such eye candy for me. I'm sure I looked borderline terrifying because I couldn't ever hold back my (attempt at subtle) curiosity. So many real sneak peeks into family life – in stark contrast to the heavily curtained English variety!

Isabelle said...

I clicked photos of windows too but finally I posted the walls only !!

Anna said...

Love those windows, gets me a bit curious whats behind the curtains!

Anna x

Katja said...

Really lovely windows, the window second from the top has a lovely curtain!

jane said...

i love windows too. these are all so fresh looking. thanks!

gardenmama said...

such beautiful photos kay! they would make pretty cards! i enjoy puhti too!
happy weekend xo

Kickcan & Conkers said...

Lovely windows, I prefer them without curtains I think. Puhti is nice, thanks!

Meyer-Lavigne said...

Going to Amsterdam this month. Looking forward to see all the beautiful windows:)

Unknown said...

I discovered that windows are so different all over the world. In some places are open to the street in other are closed to the house. They always has the mystery of who are living behind.

isoinpapu said...

I was just thinking today about my evening walks in dark Helsinki years ago. How i peeked thru the lighted windows in a dark dark night.

I love these pictures! Thank you for giving me a tour in Leiden.

Oh, there is snow already in the northern parts of Finland, but not yet here on the west coast. We are always the last.

Heather said...

What great shots! It is so neat to be able to take a virtual walk with you, and to see some of the ways that this particular area looks.

Thanks for sharinf

Ida/FarEastLogbook said...

Love the circles on the first picture. So fun!
Curtains? Yes, always!! Love them, I think they bring so much character to a room!