Monday, March 15, 2010

who is JH Lynch??

 do you rember the work from JH Lynch??

JH Lynch was a  british painter,  guess we all know
 Autumn Leaf( first photo) and
 Woodland Goddess ( only got a postcard),
 they where mass produced in the 60s
and now they are highly collected

- if you feel like baking...try the muffins from Morgan

- my friend Sanne makes wonderful bags,
I got one of her small hangbags ( my movie bag)


Unknown said...

Never heard of him, but he appeals to my kitschy side! I like art that isn't pretty. ;)

lillalotta said...

I remember these very clearly. Wonderful to see them again.

shayndel said...

beautiful goddesses!

Tania said...

Yep, we had them hanging on the panelled wooden walls in the 'billiards' room opposite the woodland wallpaper scene. Niiice.

Palmer and Co said...

I'm wondering if this is the same artist Jonathan Adler used to decorate a hotel with?

liftpunk said...

so nice post,i have the Tina Portrait and a blond beauty standing in the woods :0)

jokemijn said...

i wrote a piece about him in my graduation project about the confident feeling of kitch. It's been a while since i saw a piece of him, although it's everywhere :)