Friday, April 23, 2010

thank you

thank you all so much for cards , flowers and the kind words about my dad. I was very touched.
I miss my dad like crazy .
today is Nila's ( aka little monsters ) birthday,
we did have a wonderful, small party and some pancake& ice cream tonight.

- the winner of my vintage giveaway is Soisses

- got a fresh pile of magazines for this weekend

-the new dephazz album, feels like summer in the garden

see you soon and thanks again


amy turn sharp said...

kisses from ohio and happy day sweet Nila! xoxooxo
thinking of you all

Rhea Butler said...

Welcome back, Kay!

I am glad to see you here in this space, we missed you.

Happy birthday to Nila: tell her Johanna says Happy Birthday, too!



Francesca said...

Happy birthday to Nila!

soisses-dasleben said...

kay, i really missed you here... nice to read something about you. i just can imagine, how much you miss your dad - big, big hugs!!!

it is nice to hear, that nila had a lovely birthday party. HAPPY BIRTHDAY to NILA, the girl with the most beatiful name ever ;-)

and i am HAPPY about winning your great present! HAHA... *jump*

thank you, dani

sean the prawn said...

So glad you are back...big hugs from Australia.
I'm pleased Nila has had a nice birthday.

Bichos da Matos said...

Hope you're enjoying the weekend and I hope you'll feel better soon...
Happy birthday to Nila!
Love, Catarina

Mette said...

Happy birthday to Nila.

Helen said...

Welcome back Kay - your pics and blog posts are an inspiration. Also Happy Birthday Nila from England xx

Anonymous said...

Lovely to have you back Kay, I have missed you & a big happy birthday to Nila!

Lots of love


gardenmama said...

You will continue to be in my thoughts dear Kay. Warmest wishes to your sweet girl on her birthday and to you mama : ) xoxo

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Nila, and so glad you are back Kay, I missed you while you we're gone.

mamas kram said...

23. april is a good day to have birthday ;-) H
Hugs from Ylva to Nila