Sunday, May 16, 2010


HOME...after a week at the seaside in Kent. I really want to move to the seaside, guess I have to work a lot from now ....!

what did we do...
  • lot's of walks on the beach
  • going for a drive and singing along with the radio (Mister Kay always sings in the car)
  • car boot sale in Canterburry on Sunday morning
  • strolling abound in the garden center
what did we eat...
  • goosberry fool (lot's), is just one of the best  things  about  an English summer
  • indian curry
  • to many candybars
what did we buy...
  • vintage china (tell you more about our best finds soon)
  • mirrors (you can find some nice vintage ones at the car boot fair ). I love them in the house
  • tomato plants
  • a yellow summer coat for Nila
  • and...and...
nice to be back


Anonymous said...

I really envy you!!!


Fine Little Day said...

Lovely mirrors. Hello you :)

Mette said...

Welcome home - I have missed you.

...Nina Nixon... said...

So nice that you came to Kent and that you found vintage treasures - I love the mirror.

Nina x

Francesca said...

Great photos and mirrors. I'm curious about the kent tomato plant variety:)

Rhea Butler said...

Welcome home, Kay!

Love those mirrors.

Sounds like you had a great time!



april said...

dear kay. welcome home. send you a big hug. i missed you too and i'm happy we both are back. the seaside sounds wonderful. long walks on the beach and singing is relaxing and makes happy. coming home also. would like to thank you also very, very much for the kaminer cd. you guessed right. i like him. send you sunlight and wish you a happy week*

Kate Moore said...

Sounds lovely. Oh, curries. Yummo.

Unknown said...

REally enjoyed a lot, didn´t you?
Lovely mirror play

Anonymous said...

I love mirrors too... !!! Lovely

Kickcan & Conkers said...

Gorgeous mirrors :)
Sounds like you had a wonderful time!