Monday, December 13, 2010

50's christmas

At the flea market in Germany this weekend, there was a vendor who was selling christmas decoration from the 50's. Decorating the tree was very much a family tradition back in the 50's.
Want to know more, have a look at 'Rocking around the christmas tree'.

My mum has one of the angels (first picture) and I was surprised how much they are worth now.

more fifties,   Lisa Freemont Street is my fav on you tube


Candy Pop said...

Lovely things!

Rhea Butler said...

How fun: you always find the best stuff!

Herr Janosch said...

Love 50`s Christmas! Guess I have to look at my grandma`s place if she has some 50`s decoration stuff...

jane said...

hi kay! looks like the 50s knew how to rock christmas :)
warm hugs!

Lovely World said...

Kay, That orange Santa is something else isn't he?! I love the previous post with the snowflake cutting. I need to get to that myself.

Lore Minibus said...

I love!
It's the first time that i come on your blog...very nice blog! i am happy to discovered it! really+

lore from Minibus ( vintage shop -Paris)