Tuesday, March 4, 2014

home styling

Hope your week started well. My one is filled with sport, cooking classes, work, some new projects for the house and garden.

My friend Christine crocheted me a beautiful blue cushion for my birthday. It looks great in our home. The next project is a Rose scarf by Betty Barden which I saw in the Mollie Makes a couple of months ago.

see you soon,

PS:love Nikki Gabriel


Iris Vank said...

Oh I love that stove!!

karen said...

I 'need' that lamp lol :-)

Mette said...

Lovely cushion - I have one too and I love it! I haven't seen Mollie Makes for ages, maybe it's time to buy one. Enjoy life - as you always do!

Emil und die großen Schwestern said...

so schön bei dir! ein tolles kissen, mag ich sehr! liebe grüße, éva

Die kleine Werkstatt said...

Beautiful ... !
Ich freue mich auf Frühling und Sommer - dann gibt es wieder Deinen wunderschönen Garten zu sehen :-)!


Nalle said...

That stove really is a beauty.