Tuesday, January 27, 2015

slow and happy

In the moment my weeks are really busy but there is always time to enjoy life. Enjoying some quality time with my family and with my friends. Little things make me smile and the city makes me happy.
Enjoy your week,
PS : love and want the bear bag from Achachum Muchacha


Unknown said...

That´s right...we need quite and calm coffee moments with friends.

House of Seasons said...

Even bijgelezen en vrolijk geworden van jou blog!

Annelie said...

Beautiful houses in the first picture.

Niina said...

Love the first picture!! <3

Oona Julia said...

First picture is wonderful!

Liivia said...

First is wonderful, Amsterdam is wonderful!
And coffee time, I like it too, much.

Karyn said...

beautiful bag and I also love tour first pic with these roofs in colour. I visited Amsterdam last summer ;-) it was wonderful.

Nalle said...

Wau what amazing seastars on your instagram pics! Hope you all have great weekend.

Kaylovesvintage said...

@ all
Thank you
@ Nalle
we love them