Monday, October 3, 2016


The weather is still mild so I can still do lots of outdoor sports. But soon I have to change my summer clothes for jackets and socks and focus on the indoors.

In the last couple of months I got some new ceramic bowls most of them I found in Denmark. Last weekend I also got a new vase from Foekje Fleur. Trying to find a good way to display my ceramic collection.

Enjoy pottering in the house again.

See you,


likeschocolate said...

I really like the creme and black bowl.

Bianca said...

I loved the movie Diva back in the eighties! Mostly because it made me realize I wanted to live in a warehouse and rollerblade around my living room, like a girl in the film did. Then one of my friends started living anti squat and the space she had at her disposal was similar.
Did she like it? No. 'Impossible to heat during Dutch winters'. :-D

Kaylovesvintage said...

nice dream , Bianca

swig said...

oh! I still have this record too!
warm greetings from Paris!