Friday, September 17, 2010


After a wet week , I hope the weekend will be better.
I""m a bit restless in the moment...hope yoga will help!

-we like& love-

mini marshmallows
O.P.I  barefoot in Barcelona nailpolish ( thanks Sandra)
thai food

-want to try-
Marshmallow tea

-want to buy -
more pillows for our living room

-this weekend-
flea market
brunch in Haarlem
a good movie
bake some muffins



Tabiboo said...

Mmmmmmm marshmallow tea.

Hope you have a restful weekend,

Nina xxx

joanie said...

Have a lovely weekend friend. If it rains again, you could always just occupy one of those cozy chairs and read a good book :)

cate said...

like your likes! and marshmallow tea sounds totally intriguing. happy weekend!

Conny said...

Sounds like you've a lovely weekend planned. Marshmallow tea sounds delicious. Tea with marshmallows or tea leaves that taste like marshmallows? Yumm either way. Cheers~

Arctic Mum said...

We will bake blueberry muffins and cheese cake this weekend since hitting 38 on Monday..maybe something in the mail on Monday...?

Helmi said...

Laten we inderdaad hopen dat het in het weekend wat minder neerslag valt.
Geniet van alle droge momenten.
grt, Helmi

isabelle said...

I like your program for the week end ...