Tuesday, September 21, 2010

movie time

you all know that I love movies...there are  two movies I really want to see in the moment

Wallstreet- money never sleeps  ( anybody seen it yet ???)


Winter's Bone

home front news
have been stocking up on candles.The  cute white candlestick is from Verrassend goed
and I started crocheting a winter blanket for the little monster and me, lol


Black on White said...

I LOVE movies too but I haven't seen those ones you mentioned.

Crocheting is so fun. I just bought new yarns last weekend - should to start something new quickly.

Have a nice week!

Arctic Mum said...

My partner Andre just found the cake decor in the cupboard and mistook it for sweets, ha-ha. We've found that our languages are quite similar, we've understood the whole magazine! Am considering starting to collect West German Pottery, but don't know if I should go there...

gardenmama said...

i'm impressed your crocheting kay! and you made me smile that you put lol at the end of that... thanks for the link i have been hoping to learn too this new season feels like a good time to try!

Verrassend Goed! said...

Nice photo Kay, and the candle is standing beautiful on this scene!

enjoy everything,
love Marianne

joanie said...

Perhaps when you visit we can drink coffee and crochet together :)

Mette said...

Nope, we haven't seen Wall Street yet, but soon. Very soon I hope. I'm looking forward to see you blanket!