Thursday, September 9, 2010


this week
-my fav word   ''nesting"
- missing my dad
-got lot''s of purple wool
- try to hold on to summer  and still drinking frapuccinos
- should be working in the garden
-made a new friend Ibabe ( she is lovely)
-loving my Rossy da Palma perfume

tell me about your week

I like Jeana  Sohn


Mette said...

Purple wool sounds good. Nesting is a good word for this week. I enjoy the early darkness, candle lights, the coolness in the air, the Autmumn colours. It has been a good week. Enjoy your weekend. Have you make the ripple blanket on the picture....!?

Tabiboo said...

Autumnal nesting - it feels good to wind down....a little.

Have a lovely weekend,

Nina xxx

ps. snap on the purple wool.

ibb said...

Thanks my love
I made also a great friend.

Enjoyed a lot!!!