Friday, September 24, 2010


if you are in the Netherlands this weekend... there is so much  to do

here we go
  • woonbeurs ( interior fair ) in Amsterdam, you can meet some of my fav dutch bloggers there, Ingrid  and Erika
  • in Haarlem  is a  small home & garden fair at the Dreef  
  • also in Amsterdam Inside Design ,lots of design and cool art , try to go to the ijm studio, there you find the work from Mieke Willems and at-swim-two-birds( I want to get one of her mobiles for my house)
  • on Sunday  in Leiden  is Ladies Day, if you like shopping & coffee , guess you will have a good day
and there is  more if you like fashion
What will you do this weekend??



Wish I could be there, have a nice weekend.

Anonymous said...

Ladies Day sounds interesting; I went to the link but I know no Dutch. If you could tell more about it and/or Leiden, that would be great! (I know someone in Den Haag.)

Anonymous said...

I translated it so I think I have an idea: shopping, fashion show, stiletto run! What's not to like? 8) If you've been would love to know more, though! Thanks for the idea.

Conny said...

Wow, so much to choose from! I know what my weekend entails: my son's (6) soccer match, cleaning out a chicken coop, and more clearing up indoors. If I make back to Deventer next year, I'll be sure to ask you whats fun to do on a weekend. I hope yours is wonderful, whatever you choose from. Cheers~

Emil und die großen Schwestern said...

this wweekend is for fammily, friends and a little bit art.
have a nice weekend! éva

Verrassend Goed! said...

Hi Kay, I am working in the shop and Verrassend Goed! is also on the market on the Dreef.
Sunday after long times I planned to do something with my mate Rene. We both have a free day without appointments, so relax and enjoying together. Maybe we going to visit a city.
I received your email and will contact you lateron.
Maybe we can go to the Fair on Wednesday?

Love Marianne

Jolanda said...

I'm going the a fleamarket in Makkinga. I expect nothing (but in my heart I hope of awesome thrift findings)

isabelle said...

oh my good ... so much temptations !!

Heidi said...

Wow, lots of wonderful things to do this weekend in the Netherlands!...I am having a quiet weekend at home with hopefully lots of reading...
Enjoy your weekend!

Camille said...

OH! You have Lotus/ Cathrineholm bowls! Lucky bastard! :D

I'm still looking for these, but it's kinda difficult to find nowadays. I have the plates, cups etc, but no bowls. :(

My weekend was all work!