Sunday, January 2, 2011

happy days

lazy days

vintage Pala vase by Helena Tynell 1964,
for me the perfect vase for roses

my fav corner of the house at the moment

cozy  beach walk this afternoon, guess lots of
people had the same idea

I did enjoy our family holiday at home, one more day to go
and then we are back to daily life..will miss our lazy days

my fav blog of the week
Krims Krams  vintage & daily live in Norway


Anonymous said...

Hello Kay,

I love your wonderful blog, your great vintage home and your style! I wish you a wonderful and healthy 2011! Greetings from Germany

Kaylovesvintage said...

thank you ,thats nice to hear

Ritva said...

happy new year to you dear!

soisses said...

ich liebe auch deine lieblingsecke! da passt einfach alles...

ich wünsch dir a a guats gsunds neus... ;-) ich hoffe, dass du gut ins neue jahr gerauscht bist! auf ein neues aufregendes jahr in der bloggerwelt - ich besuche dich immer wieder gern. jedesmal macht es mir erneut spass auf deinem blog zu stöbern.

gruß dani

AlewivesGirl said...

Happy New Year, Kay!

That beach looks divine.



mi-rachel said...

happy new year to you.
like your favourite corner.
the horse is from maileg.
i got it as a christams present.

Anonymous said...

Lovely lazy days.
And..take a look at the blog...some photos for you


Verrassend Goed! said...

Hi Kay,

Happy New Year, for you and your family.

warm regards,


Happy new year!!!
Having also lazy happy days-feels so good...

siri said...

Hurra for lazy days! I love your tea (or coffee?) cup collection- so many great colors!