Friday, January 7, 2011



My muffin love is back. This week I tried a couple of
different muffins in cafes.
Now I wonder what is your fav muffin recipe?
Send me a mail and I start baking 
enjoy your weekend



Anonymous said...

That looks like a Starbucks pumpkin muffin. My favorite muffin to make is cranberry. I wish we could get fresh ones all year. Just add cranberries cut in half and orange peel to a regular plain muffin recipe. I like to put lots of sugar on top before baking. Most people seem to like blueberry muffins but I don't although I love blueberry pancakes. Carrot: used to be my favorite and then I suddenly decided I had enough eating a vegetable for dessert. Lemon poppyseed: used to love but I realized poppyseeds make me double over with severe stomach pain. Yogurt does the same thing, severe pain.

jgy said...

A Happy New A Year to you!
filled with Lots of delicious muffins:))

ps. My favorite are bran muffins, & #2 is zucchini muffins with Whole Wheat flour, and maple syrup instead of sugar

Mette said...

My favorite muffin is rhubarb and white chocolate.

Tracy Lorna Nors said...

hi Kay,
We have to go to that cafe when I come to Holland!
My favourite are lemon or blueberry xx

Bethany Hissong said...

I think I lived on muffins alone in college! I still love blueberry muffins! I make Martha Stewart's recipe when I bake them.

Bea said...

You should have a look at where you will find the jummiest muffins in the world (among great knitting patterns).Just bake and eat!