Wednesday, September 23, 2009

dirty dancing

yes..that was me ..
I just had to get this cute print form snowowl
did you know there is a walkman museum, so cool


Jeannette said...

Oh ...the walkman era. On mine was Right Said Fred. ;)

Unknown said...

I had a red walkman...where it is at my parents and I think it works...and there is also a Dirty Dancing tape!

You make me smile

La Rimule said...

Than you for your post on "Self portrait du jeudi" !

JuanitaTortilla said...

My first cassette tape that I bought with my allowance was Take That.
(Oh my, isn't that a good "confession" post. I should start doing a Confessions post in my blog!)

P.S. Will you be interested in the Handmade Pay It Forward 'game'? I may be posting about it soon, as a reminder, or to gather more people.

Tania said...

It just makes my heart sing that a Walkman is back to being too cool for school (well, it's a theory I'm clinging to).

Anna said...


Anna x

Maaret said...

Haha, nice print. And sweet memories :)

gardenmama said...

hehe you rock!
love the cassette tapes in your photo!
so great : )

Kickcan & Conkers said...

fAb print!