Wednesday, September 9, 2009


Petit is the shop from Inge in Gilleleje, a very small but amazing shop

-the best buy this week , are our Wise Guys...guess we all need them, they are so much fun
-in the moment you can find me at Mad Modern daily
- I love baking and still reading Netherland by Joseph O'Neill
-we did order a 'the language of stones' print from Knitalatte's


Fine Little Day said...

Oh, love that top hanging!

Some dutch pixi-book would be really great. Do you have any? You can blog about them.

Kaylovesvintage said...

Elizabeth, I do have Dutch and German Pixi books

Mette said...

Lovely pictures from a lovely shop!

gardenmama said...

such beautiful things in your photos Kay! I love her prints too, lovely! Dutch and German Pixi books?? Please tell more! : )

Allison said...

Looks like a shop that I could drool in for a while.

The Wise Guys are just too cute!

mamas kram said...

Beautiful pictures and a wonderful shop!

In Swedish recipes ingredients are measured in dl (deciliter). To measure they put the ingredients into a measuring jug. I weighed it for you:
5 dl sugar = 425 g
2,5 dl flour = 170 g
2,5 dl cocoa = 120 g
2 dl walnuts = 100 g

Emily said...

I too want to know about Pixi books!

The photos of that shop are beautiful. I am bookmarking it just in case we ever are in your neck of the woods!

Thanks for the nice comment on our blog, i really enjoy "meeting" new people that way!

jane said...

what a great place to hang out in. thanks for the links! besos-jane

Unknown said...

A place to loose time concept.

Isabelle said...

looks great !! (and you can visit us whenever you want !!)

...Nina Nixon... said...

Such beautiful things!

Nina x

basiclabelSweden said...

Taart, plumtart :o) I did it today, making the tart.

Great weekend!

Anonymous said...

Looks nice !!! ... even if i can't understand the "Petit" language !!! Have a great week-end ; )

andrella said...

I send you many hugs from germany!!!! andrella

Thrifted Treasure said...

I think I may need to move into that shop... love your blog!