Sunday, November 1, 2009

for Sally

my friend Sally asked me today what I bought in Kent.

here we go...

cookies from Paul,
toffee apples,
movie the Duchess

my fav candy bar BOOST (which I can`t get here in the Netherlands),
Charlie Harper memory game,
Pukka tea

the new book from the Humming Bird Bakery,
some halloween deco,
a card from Rob Ryan,

and some vintage finds that I will show you soon.


et lille oejeblik - a little moment said...

wow! nice. love the memory game, love his art.

can't wait to see the vintage finds. you always seem to find the best :)

mymindandsoulfulliving said...

Ho there!! The latest post is from Bolig magasinet, a danish mag. Nice things u bought i the UK.
/ Malin

Black on White said...

Love that memory game also and County Living-magazine is one of my favourite.
I get that Pukka-tea last Summer. That's fine because I haven't get that from Finland.

Have a nice Monday!

Unknown said...

It is nice to hear all went well with the surgery.
Hope postcards arrived.
Lovely shopping.

Isabelle said...

the memory game looks great ...

Jen Laceda | Milk Guides said...

Love all the stuff! I want that memory game!

Can you take me shopping with you some time? But of course, I am in Canada, so you can just photograph your purchases once in a while :)

Guusje said...

In the healthfood store in Delft! We love Pukka tea! x guusje

Guusje said...

PS> I loveeee Paul, we also miss the UK very much!!!

Guusje said...

PS> I loveeee Paul, we also miss the UK very much!!!

Rhea Butler said...

Oh my gosh,

I love Country Living Mag and I love Charley Harper and I love playing memory with my little sister and I love the costumes in "the Duchess."

You got some great finds on your trip!



Sally said...

Nice to see what you bought. Good things. Love the Charley Harper, and that Hummingbird book is on my Christmas list :)

Palmer and Co said...

You could totally be my personal shopper! LOVE the CH memory game! Great finds!

malo said...

Great stuff! Happy to hear the surgery went well.

nicki said...

Love Charlie Harper!!!