Wednesday, November 4, 2009

white mug

my best friend this week, my white mug,lol

no corner view this week but I be back next week

here my second radio, a beautiful vintage Roberts Radio,
( they are not easy to find)

- started to make some plans for Christmas
tell me are you buying or making gifts?

- Frau Haselmayer is so cool
- got the first book from chocolate and zucchini , guess I should have a look at her latest one


Farfars stuga said...

Thank´s for the comment about my wallpaper.
For christmas I both by and make things. Love the view frome your table.

Love Cia

basiclabelSweden said...

Okay, hope to see you next week!


Artemis Russell said...

Ah I got a couple of those roberts radios...mine are very tempremental but I like their charming ways!

Rhea Butler said...

Making for Christmas (and, yes, buying, too).

Love the white mug.

And your wooden table.

Ollie is making us one out of an old barn door.



Kate Moore said...

That radio looks so great. Pick up and it moves with you. Yah.
Christmas. Toying with buying locally made things and wrapping in op shop bought scarves and the like.

gardenmama said...

Your house is looking beautiful as always dear Kay! That is a big mug, still no sleep? : ( Christmas will be handmade by me and also buying handmade from friends on Etsy. Thinking of you!

Theresa said...

I will be making gifts...but what? Now you've got me thinking.

Unknown said...

I think that if I am in time, I will try to make the gifts myself.
Try. At the end, I will probably buy something. There is always people that are not for handmade gifts.
Thanks for the link.

Daan said...

that radio is so nice and see you next week!

Cate said...

love your radio and your BFF!

april said...

a mug is always a good companion. yes, frau haselmayer is really cool. about christmas. we've a tradition in our family: we draw lots. everyone has to draw 3 of them. and then you make a gift to just this 3 persons. it's funny and at the end everyone has one gift.

Brit said...

Ooh I'm looking for one of those roberts radios! They're so classy!