Thursday, January 7, 2010

Diana & Bambi

Last summer I got a new treasure cupboard.

On the top shelf from left to right:
  • Vintage 60's Diana toy camera with original box and manual.
  • Two handmade wooden birds designed in 1959 by Danish architect Kristian Vedel.
  • Bilora Bella 44 camera with Voightlander flash unit (1962).
  • Agfa Tilly flash unit in original case 1965.
On the bottom shelf from left to right:
  • Three 50's porcelain figures from Goebel. The middle one is Walt Disney's Bambi.
  • Vintage Danish teak blowfish used for cocktail sticks.
  • Bilora Bella 3c camera 1955.
  • Danish salt and pepper shakers.

jokemijn , cool blog from Antwerp
- I like Bret from the Flight of the Conchords
-my new passion black nail polish


Margot said...

Looks good! I love Flight of the Conchords too :)

Francesca said...

I like the teak blowfish: I bet it looks like a porcupine fish with cocktail sticks in:)!

Katja said...

I'm really liking black nail polish too :)

Heather said...

Any time I need a good pick me up, I always go to You Tube to watch some Flight of The Concords

Erin Wallace said...

Looks great - I think everyone in blogdokm has a Diana except me. But really nice, as always!

katiecrackernuts said...

The cabinet and your collection look fantastic. I just gave my Dad a couple of my vintage cameras for a guy he knows who collects them. Share the love, I say.

lovepics said...

these cameras are soo cool, what a great collection!

Valloittava valkoinen said...

I so like all the colors in your blog!That camera looks great!

Have great weekend!

Bichos da Matos said...

Very cool mix, love the wooden birds:)

Scandinavian Retro said...

Really nice. I like the way you have put together the things, and the organic color combination is so 2010! Have a great weekend!

ibb said...

Black nail polish!!! Must try. Blue it is too much for winter

victoria said...

You have GREAT treasures. I love the photos of the interior of your home too, so gorgeous.