Friday, January 15, 2010

movie time


-my highlights of the week -

- a trip to the movies to see
 ( if you go to see it, make sure you catch the 3D version)

-little monster aka Nila  is back at school, she is doing well

- I do like classical music

- did join the gym

- did get some cool snail mail ( will tell you more about it soon)

-giving money to Haiti

-blog of the week frecklewonder ( lot"s of cool vintage)

take care



Anna said...

Looks like a good week! Have a great weekend too!

Anna x

Fine Little Day said...

O your home.

Happy weekend Kay.

mi-rachel said...

cool pictures!

Bo med barn said...

Thank you:) I love it to. We found it in our basement. Juhuuuu:))

Anonymous said...

kay, the mug likes you too.. :)

(Rhea Daiute) said...

oooh, what are you munching on there with your Starbucks?

Looks like a great afternoon.

I keep bugging Ollie to take me to see Avatar at the theater, too.



PS Haven't heard anything from Heather yet...

mamas kram said...

Good to hear that Nila is doing well!! I was finally once again at the movies. But not to see Avatar but 'Män som hatar kvinnor' (in Swedish ;-)
Love your pictures!
Have a nice weekend!

Francesca said...

So glad Nila recovered!

jonathan said...

*thank you for nice comments on my blog yesterday! i`m so glad you commented, because then i foud you blog as well-it`s really beautiful* vigdis

Arctic Mum: said...

Hi, have blogged your poster. That chair look soo good!

Kristina Sostarko said...

Is that your backyard? It's beautiful! I bought a really fabulous linene teatowel from frecklewonder just a few days ago. My vintage-linen-tea-towel-love has been re-ignited again. What's not to love! Have a lovely weekend! xo

Kaspara said...

I just love the chair! Lucky you!