Saturday, January 28, 2012

Chinese New Year

We went to Chinatown in Den Haag today. After a lovely brunch we watched  the Chinese New Year celebrations. Nila and I fallen madly in love with the cute lions. The white one was my favorite.

The opening and the following parade tell the story about the lion waking up at the end of the year. He is hungry and starts looking for food.

Everybody hangs a lettuce plant above the front door for the lion to eat. This will please the lion and brings the people good luck and prosperity in the coming year.

So the lions go through every street eating the lettuce. It's a very colorful festival with drums and lots of fireworks.

Happy new year,


Julie said...

Happy new year to you! How I would have loved to be in China town last night...

Nalle said...

Never seen anything like that.
Great colourful photos!

aaaandreaaaa said...

Love your pictures.