Thursday, January 12, 2012

snail mail part 2

Finally  Icy got her own little red scarf

Here is a little parcel peek.

We got two red cat scarfs made by Kenty.
A Milktea calender (her white cat looks very much like Elvis)
Some postcards

Thank you Kenty, great parcel



Merle mit Gisbert und Hannelore said...

love the scarf! so funny

Fjordlykke said...

How sweet! My cat would have loved a scarf like that in this stormy weather:)

aaaandreaaaa said...

Elvis looks fabulous in his new scarf. Have a happy week.

elbmari said...

Looks so funny... What a nice surprise!

Nalle said...

Icy looks so beautiful and proud with her new scarf.

Kaylovesvintage said...


How is it going with all the snow??

Nalle said...

Cats take only small trips to balcony. I love the snow but today it was too windy to enjoy it.
Muusa & Mikki sleep under a blanket. I'm having a cup of tea with Miiru on the sofa. Have a nice evening!

MUS said...

lol :)