Sunday, January 22, 2012

spare money

Just made a list of things I spent all my spare money on:

- Travel  =  weekend trips, summer holidays , day trips

- Books and music  =  I still buy Cd's and lots of books (I just love to read)

- Vintage  =  is also a future investment  and a big passion

- Art  =  prints  from etsy and tinyshowcase

- Sports & Gym  =  membership and sneakers. I sport 5 day in a week. That means I start to have a collection of sneakers (running shoes, Gym sneakers). I should look for a sponsor who sends me free sneakers  to try out (dream on).

Tell me what is your weakness? Where is all your spare money going?

see you

Winter Writers' Retreat with my friend Amy, sounds amazing
 ( wish Me and my camera could go there )

Etta James rest in peace


Anonymous said...

I too love to read Kay so books are a high priority along with:

artist supplies (I paint)
big and unusual rings
any kind of 'crow' motif (I love crows)

holunder said...

5 days a week ?? impressive!!

i just ordered 5 new books although there are about 10 i still have to read. so this is where the spare money goes :)

LissyLou said...

my spare cash probably goes on magazines and eating out. xx

Eline S. said...

I do spend so much money on books... still have got lots of books that i haven't even opened yet... i just love it to fill my bookshelves. The rest of my money goes to fabrics, buttons and other craft materials. :)

aaaandreaaaa said...

I spend my money on yarn for more scarves.

KB {Tragic and Lovely} said...

I spend too much on Starbucks! Books, film, scrapbook supplies...

ibb said...

Books...and eating...
I would love to travel more, but no time. Should gym but tired at the end of the day...
Have you received something?

Nalle said...

My money goes on old vases & dishes. And magazines.

vicky said...

fabric, yarn and take away hot chocolates to drink on the beach!