Friday, January 20, 2012

nearly weekend moments



My Friday weekend feeling  didn't start off too well.
I woke up to a 
  • broken coffee maker
  • sick kid
  • messy home
enjoy your weekend

PS: for my birthday I want some Empress Sisi's Diamond Stars

- blog of the week: little green shed



Mette said...

...poor you. A broken coffee maker! Poor Nila... give her lots of vitamins!

Sally said...

I love your cat!! I had a white one too, but the black spot was on the tail. His name was Percy and he was my first cat.

Nice weekend from Sally

kati said...

I love your messy home;) I hope Nila getting better.

Fru Sommer said...

Best wishes. Both for Nila and for the coffee maker ;)

Nalle said...

Hope Nila will feel better soon.

Kat said...

Ha! That could be my cat lying there. She has a spot on her side just like that.

lou said...

Oh thank you! I just check my stats and thought what's going on!! You are lovely... hope your weekend gets better. MOOMIN shop in covent garden - I'm there! Lou xxx

joanie said...

Lucky you have good cafes. Hope poor Nila is better soon though! Jx