Friday, January 13, 2012

my Friday

My Friday (a day full of coffee)

- school run
- spinning class
- coffee with a friend talking about cooking lessons & healthy living
- nice walk
- to the music store looking for a good Ukulele
- more coffee with another friend talking colors & trends

What a nice little day!
How was your day?

enjoy your weekend

ps. Love The Joy of Books

- my blog of the week  fjordlykke


karin said...

got up, showered, had coffee with friend, talked about life, running and meditation. made lunch, ate with kids and schoolfriends. Went into town with daughter (friday afternoon ritual), library and picked up bits n bobs fr her upcoming bday (crown and bunting by Pakhuis Oost etc.) picked up son fr school. had tea and cookies. went out to pick up vintage dollshouse (marktplaats) and some presents for our cousins bday this weekend. killing some time now with son while husband is swimming w daughter. Friday night curry night (british husband cooks) then chillin'with some wine and a good movie. Love Friday nights, always have :)

Kaylovesvintage said...

@ sounds like a busy Friday
enjoy your friday night

lou said...

Sounds like a perfect Friday to me! Ukulele? I need to get one for the boys, they are forever air guitaring around the place. Have a wonderful weekend! Lou x said...

Hé, je komt dus uit de buurt van Leiden.
In de paasvakantie gaan we een weekje die kant op.
Heb je winkeltips?

(Ik wil zeker naar Leiden toe want daar is zo'n mooi museum met een Egyptische tempel, wil ik m'n kinderen laten zien)

Merle mit Gisbert und Hannelore said...

ich kauf dir eine und bring sie mit nach köln :) wird dir bestimmt gefallen!

Mette said...

I love the Joy of Books too! My Friday was too short. Work, coffee with my husband and then we all went to a 21 birthday party and came home late. A very good party! My nephew turned 21 and he made a 3 dishes dinner for 20 persons.

Die kleine Werkstatt said...

Your Friday looks great. I was in the fotostudio from 8 to 8 ... and good night :-).

Herzlichste Grüße zu Dir,

Eline S. said...

My god...that coffee looks just perfect!
My weekend is a bit low on exciting level.. got an exam monday so i have to stay into the house :) Good luck there are good blogs to read while im taking a pause!
Enjoy yours,