Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Alexander Calder

Last weekend we went to the Gemeentemuseum in The Hague to visit the Alexander Calder exhibition.

We adore the work of Alexander Calder so we were quite exited to find out his work was coming to the Netherlands.

His mobiles are fantastic.A must have for every mid modern home.

see you

P.S : I love Miriam Marygolyes


Darja Charapova said...

OO Miriam Margolys is so so funny! thank you for this link, I did not know her..but I've watch it and can't stop laughing :)

And really want to go and see Alexander Calder, looks wonderful!

tanïa said...

Oh, I'm a huge Calder fan, I'm so jealous! Would love to see that exhibition, too! I was so fascinated when I saw a documentary about Calder, who appeared as a man you would never suppose to create such poetic and filigree mobile sculptures. I never get enough of them!

Merle, Gisbert & Hannelore said...

i love this mobiles, too.
ask for one like this at my fav trödler ;) he's looking for one....