Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Hicks' Blue (part 2)

Hicks' Blue from Little Greene is my favorite color at the moment. My little table turned out well. Nice to have a color expert as a friend, thanks Veerle.

Upstairs I have a cupboard full of Scandinavian ceramic (Figgjo  and Rörstrand). I guess that cupboard could do with some paint as well.

see you

PS:  my fav body lotion  Grumpy Cow by Chowshed, love the smell of mandarin and grapefruit.


Merle, Gisbert & Hannelore said...

i wanna see the cupboard upstairs, please :)

like hick's blue!

Kaylovesvintage said...

@ Merle


Jan said...

such a great blue! and i agree to merle, show us your cupboard ;)

drudeblaa said...

Fantastic blue. I love it.

drudeblaa said...

Fantastic blue. I love it.

Traveling Mama said...

I love your table! That color is so soothing!

Frau Pabst said...

I love that colour, too, but what I´d love the most, is a peak on the cupboard....pleeeeease!

Sandra Monat said...

yes , nice color. "feeling energised" sounds very tempting, if I should get the Crumpy Cow too?

Anonymous said...

Das sieht wundervoll aus!