Thursday, April 5, 2012

little bit of vintage

vintage dutch pottery  and some flowers from my neighbour

The lady in the bookshop made a very cute Easter bunny for Nila, is from the new book

Do you have any Easter tradition? Love to hear about it.

see you


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-Molly Mallon  beautiful voice


CaRaJo said...

Die Vase ist hübsch und die Blumen passen toll rein. Ich wünsche Euch schöne Ostertage und eine tolle Zeit. Liebe Grüße

Svenja said...

very pretty vase, i love turquoise :))
i wish i could tell you about a special easter tradition, but we dont have any :) we just eat a lot of good stuff, visit all our friends and family and relax :)
happy easter! svenja

Gemma said...

wow! Thank you for making My Clutter blog of the week. I'm very very flattered.
Happy Easter ❀

Jill said...

What a pretty vase love the colour. I try to have an Easter Tree, a few branches which I have painted and hung with colourful eggs and of course lots of spring flowers. Have a lovely Easter.

mano said...

die vase ist traumhaft schön. und einen nachbarn mit solchen herrlichen narzissen hätte ich auch gern!
schöne ostern!

helen said...

Can't go wrong with turquoise is what I say!

Nalle said...

Lovely vase & love your blue coffee table! I can see you reading a book with a tea cup waiting at the table. And I would like to see that cupboard, too.
I'm working at Easter, but we'll have a family dinner Sunday evening.

Madeleine said...

this is just lovely. happy easter! <3

Die kleine Werkstatt said...

Seitdem Paul auf der Welt ist werden Eier und Geschenke versteckt und gesucht. Ansonsten wird bei der einen oder anderen Familie nett Kaffee getrunken und Kuchen gegessen. Ganz ruhig.