Tuesday, April 24, 2012

the day after

some birthday cake from yesterday

my office in the moment

Thanks for all your kind birthday wishes, that was really nice. Moved my office, working at the living room table today so I can keep Nila company.

see you

Just finished watching Romanzo Criminale, set in Rome during the 70's. It was a good way for me to improve my Italian and I started to miss Bella Roma a bit.


Maria said...

Oke i am a bit late but better late then never: Congretulations for your daughter, i hope she is feeling better today.

Kaylovesvintage said...

@ Maria

thank you , she is a little bit better , so hope that she can go to the school party .

FrauSchmitt said...

A belated happy Birthday to Nila. Hope she'll e feeling well soon!
In the meantime enjoy your new office, I love it!


Anonymous said...

Alles Liebe nachträglich für Nila! Ich hoffe, dass es ihr besser geht und ihr einen schönen Tag hattet?! Liebe Grüße

Miss Herzfrisch said...

Hope the little girls feels better today. I really love the golden umbrella...

Iris Vank said...

Hope Nila feels better soon!!

Gina Lee Bean said...

Happy belated birthday sweetie...I hope you had a great day and are feeling better!