Friday, April 6, 2012

small world

my garden makes me happy

my new poodle tin (from the fifties) makes me more then happy

white daffodils.. make me smile
Guess sometimes you don't need much to be happy.

This year we don't have Easter holidays, we only got the Easter Monday off. There is so much to do here. Looking forward to having a traditional Easter brunch.

Happy Easter to you all


- love the prints from Lou's shop Little Green Shed
- always good for some ideas Heart Home magazine


mano said...

the poodle tin is sooo beautiful! and your garden so lovely! have a fine brunch and good days, mano

JUIME said...

Your garden looks really lovely!
Happy Easter,

Stephanie said...

Your garden is wonderful...kind regards and happy easter!!!

Merle, Gisbert & Hannelore said...

love yur garden and the new tin! :))

happy easter!

lou said...

ooo thank you, lovely lady!!! I love those poodle tins too! Have a lovely monday off.. xxx

planktonfisher said...

i know why your garden is making you happy! it is so beautiful! looking for some warmer days!
happy easter!

Christian said...

nice pictures.

Blog :

kristina - no penny for them said...

your garden looks lovely!

happy easter...

Iris Vank said...

That garden-shot is amazing: looks like the secret garden!

Gracia said...

Oh yes, my garden makes me happy too.

Happy Easter to you. I hope it is full of many good things.

Nalle said...

Happy Easter Kay!
Sunshine makes me happy.

Vintage Fairy Tales Rebecka said...

Your garden makes ME happy too:)