Wednesday, March 13, 2013


Copper colored glass bottle.
Got a new print from the amazing Hugh Ribbans.

Flowers can lift one's mood.
Old-fashioned pink Carnations.

We went to an auction a couple of weeks ago. Where I managed to get August made for Iittala in 2006. Have you been to an auction?

Weekend is on the way. Only a couple of days to go.


- my fav website in the moment is  Humans of New York
- song of the day New York New York - On the town


Iris Vank said...

I haven't been to an auction yet, but it looks like I should!!

Kaylovesvintage said...

yes you should try it

Nalle said...

Bottle will look good in your garden. Are you going to New York soon?
I just finished painting one wall of my living room (white).

Stephanie said...

looks great Kay! What a cool batmanprint :)

tove said...

Beautiful stuff, Kay! The August looks gorgeous, I've never seen it before!

karen said...

I need that copper glass bottle :0)