Wednesday, March 20, 2013


Lungo designed by David Grosemans

A couple of days ago I got myself a stylish water can for the garden.

This weekend the first spring flea markets are starting here. I'm looking forward to go vintage hunting again. It will be fun trying to wake up the rest of the family early on the weekend.

see you

PS: Love the work from Riitta Ikonen and Karoline Hjorth


Daan said...

On my wishlist!
Ik heb zo'n zin om weer in de tuin te werken!

tove said...

Very cute! And those vases with the lovely tulips are just amazing, Kay!!

Stephanie said...

Also on my wishlist :) Cool!

Blauwe Druijffjes said...

Wat is ie gaaf he? Ik heb zo lang staan te twijfelen op een beurs pas... en niet gekocht... en SPIJT!!

INCK said...

I see you're ready for the good weather ;-)

holunder said...

happy flea market shopping :)

Fat Cat said...

Pffff, I'm so ready for spring ! And a new watering can :-)