Wednesday, March 27, 2013

less is more

Mister Kay got this coffee set from the last market.
I love the simple look, but I think the cups are more for tea or black coffee.
Does anybody know this set or have information about it?
The last couple of days Nila and I had the flu. Noticed we both recover only very slowly.
With Easter approaching I hope we will feel better soon. 
Lots of lazy ideas and plans for the Easter days. Still got a whole pill of magazines to read.
Just need to get some good chocolates eggs.
enjoy your break,
PS: I love Charlie's house


INCK said...

I wish you both all the best! I hope you feel better soon. X

karen said...

Hi Kay
Sorry you both have flu. We all had it and it took ages to get over it (still not completely recovered). Hope you feel better soon.
The cups might be from Solva Pottery in Wales or another Pottery in Yorkshire (can't remember the name). I have a jug like it.
Happy Easter X

Nalle said...

Hope you'll recover for Easter.
I like your coffee set. Very nice color, too.

Esther - With Love said...

Have a lovely Easter! With lots of chocolate eggs :-)

tove said...

Hope you had a great Easter and recovered from your flu! What a gorgeous set, I love it! Great shapes, colors and textures!

Anonymous said...

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