Sunday, March 31, 2013

Easter weekend

Nila is still poorly ill,
Mister Kay is painting the living room doors,
I'm reading... reading and reading.

We forgot to buy chocolate Easter eggs (how could we???)
Our TV highlight: the Voice UK.
Staying inside, it's still too cold in the moment.
Thinking about healthy green smoothies
Have been eating too much sugar the last couple of days.

see you,

PS: Finish Design Shop, the perfect eye candy.


Anonymous said...

Happy Easter, how could you forget chocolate at Easter!!! Oh my gosh, lol,

Nalle said...

Poor Nila, I hope she will feel better soon. Maybe chocolate would help...
I'd love to see those doors!

Die kleine Werkstatt said...

All the best to Nila!!! Maybe the easterbunny has to bring medcine.


Arctic Mum said...

Happy Easter, hope Nila gets better soon:) We've been ill too the whole holiday, isn't that just typical!

Merle said...

happy easter days! and all the best to nila! :)

Iris Vank said...

Poor Nila.. Hope she feels better soon!

Andrea said...

Hope Nila will be better soon! Have a nice easter weekend!

ibb said...

Hope Nila is better...
Here is sunny, at least...need too go out.
am reading a lot too...any recomendations?

Kaylovesvintage said...

Happy Easter
what about Wildwood