Sunday, September 22, 2013

art...his or hers

We love art!
Mister Kay loves his vintage Gypsy prints like J.H. Lynch. He just managed to find this one yesterday. Lucky me they are not easy to find anymore, lol.
And I like modern screen prints from young artist mainly from the UK. My latest print is from Chris Lambert which I got a couple of  weeks ago at Franks. Just need to paint the frame white.
So what are you... vintage or modern?
see you,


Unknown said...

I guesse I am kind of a split personality in this one... I can really like both but at this point in time I am more on your side! ;)

Zoete Kers said...

Hello Kay, thank you for visiting my blog!
No, i'm not.... i've bought this in a little shop.

You have a lovely blog, i'm your friend now!

Eartha Kitsch said...

Mmm hmm....I'd be the vintage one and yep, my husband the modern one. :)

Eartha Kitsch said...
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Die kleine Werkstatt said...

Sorry Husband, Kay is the winner :-)!

Warm regards,

Unknown said...

More modern ones....easier to move around home ;)

soozie foodie said...

My husband loves modern.....I love Tretchikoff, Lynch et al......we have constant mini-battles over art (which I usually win!)

shurupchik said...

I think I am both..depending on whats on the picture =))