Monday, September 30, 2013

Swan Market

 reintroduced... cool webshop

Wauw... my fav shop in Den Haag
Mister Kay's heaven

I want that bag

 Jolanda's cool french vintage stall

love the cups Fine Little Day
This weekend we had a look at the Swan Market in Rotterdam.
I was really impressed with the market. Lots of friendly and trendy
people. We had a great day.
see you,


Die kleine Werkstatt said...

Think we can be a super couple on a flea market. You and me for the old nice things, the husbands in music heaven :-)!

Sunny greetings,

Merle said...

looks great, I also love that bag!

Stephanie said...

Oh what a great market! Looooove the Fine little day things!!!!!

Unknown said...

Love that bag...need one ;)
And now looking at fine little day web...lovely! Pity I have no money ;)