Monday, September 9, 2013

Indian Summer

           Bucket  Mug from Keith Bymer Jones

Hi There
I still wear summer dresses  and sandals .
I am determined to make summer last
 a couple of weeks longer,lol
And you guys?? Winter Clothes??

see you

PS: We had a lovely day on the beach yesterday.
The water was really nice and warm.
I'm really in to surfing in the moment and still looking for my vintage  surfboard.


Nalle said...

It was warm today. Still wearing T-shirts & dresses,too, but evenings are getting cooler. I got some chewing gum for Nila.

Vergangenheitshang said...

15 degrees tomorrow. No sandals for me ;)

tove said...

Looking very stylish, Kay:-) We have the same weather!! I'm so thrilled that we can stretch summer this way! This weekend, we had all meals in the garden, lovely!!

Kaylovesvintage said...


you are a star,thanks

@ Person hinter den Worten

thank you my dear

...Nina Nixon... said...

Wellies, waterproofs and socks! No more sandals for me...unless the weather decides to be kind to us at some point in September.

Nina x

Heidi said...

Still wearing summer clothes. Temps here have been in the 90's. Today we had 100 (37 Celsius). Hope summer stays around for a long, long time.
Have a great week, Kay!

Die kleine Werkstatt said...

It´s raining - rubber boots! :-)

"Allerliebst" to you,

Unknown said...

Here it goes for days..some sandals others jacket...still usually september
Love the idea of surfing....more and more...I know where you can find a vintage board!