Thursday, March 1, 2012

when woman

1950 - when woman dressed to impress.

That sounds wonderful. Guess I should try that. I'm not sure how that would work in daily life but I could try it. Do you wear dresses?

There it was again my Poppy dream dress... When my friend is getting married later this year I could wear the seaside dress in blue??

By the way: both pretty ladies work in the Whiting Post in Whitstable.

see you

I love The Snow Child from Eowyn Ivey


Die kleine Werkstatt said...

I love dresses because I can hide my belly a little bit :-)!


ibb said...

Yes I do...
Try! A red one....please!

Svenja said...

cool :D i wear a lot of dresses, you get used to it when you tried it couple of times. please try one :))
hugs, svenja

Anonymous said...

I love dresses! Owning more skirts and dresses than trousers. Just do it!

EchtAnyta said...

I only wear dresses andere skirts. I like the girly look.

Isabelle said...

these red dresses are great !!

aaaandreaaaa said...

Awesome dress.

Maria said...

Yes i wear dresses, but not that often, i should wear it more. I like your dresses, red looks very good on you.

MamaNatuurlijk said...

I wear dresses almost alle the time. You can wear them with tights, leggings, boots, flipflops etc. And above all, it's comfortable and pretty.

Liefs MamaNatuurlijk