Friday, June 11, 2010

city garden

I love small city gardens...they make me happy .
My family is coming over from the States for 10 days , so we will have some day trips and lot''s of quality time.
I want to take them to Haarlem ,  a great city..which gives me lot"s of energy and the people
 are very friendly

What would I do in Haarlem
-first coffee and a sandwich  at Anne& Max 
-then I get some flowers at  Klavertje Vijf
-also I buy some bread at the Vlaamsch Broodhuys
- some gifts and Yankee candles at  Verrassend goed
and ...and ..there is so much to see and to do.

 a tiny bit of heaven, a cute blog from Denmark


Claudia said...

Oh my the second image is to die for!!! I have been discovering gardening in these last years, and this is just beautiful!!!! :)

lillalotta said...

Lovely! I grew up near Haarlem. Was there all the time. And boy, do I miss it!

Good Girls Studio said...

I soo need to resurrect my city garden! My patio is a concrete jungle with nary a patch of soil to be found! Time to brighten things up! Enjoy your time with your family!

Jolanda said...

What a nice blog I want to follow you but how!!???
Greetings Jolanda

mano said...

beautiful images - I love the first one very much! I'll visit Haarlem!!

jane said...

have a wonderful time. p.s. this is what i remember most about amsterdam... the little gardens:)

Anonymous said...

I love to discover this kind of small places

gardenmama said...

lovely gardens kay!
the city gardens of ny make me happy, they are incredible! i have a friend in haarlem, enjoy your time!

and flowers pick themselves said...

such a lovely post. i adore that last image!

xo Alison

april said...

city gardens are magic. make me happy to. we've a guerilla gardener here in zurich. he plants flowers everywhere. the city looks wonderful. like it. wish you a happy time with your family. haarlem sounds good. if i ever visit you: i'm looking forward to harlem ;-)
happy weekend*

Theresia (Minori Design) said...

thanks so much for the link of the shops in Haarlem!
I will be visiting Holland again soon and also love Haarlem.
I miss Holland.... for the shops, lekkere kopje koffie and gebak en altijd zo gezellig :)
Dank je wel!

jokemijn said...

walking the sidewalks almost seems like walking in a park over there :)

Mayje said...

beautiful garden!

malo said...

I love city gardens too. Not too common in Sthlm. They spread so much joy. And I love crowded pots like that.

Kickcan & Conkers said...

I love all the new blog links you give, I always find someone interesting to follow. Yhank You kay. hope you are well :)